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Energy orbs are components used by Mogenar, although it may have also been used for other Bryyonian Golems. Red in color, they serve as a power source for the mechanism and are Mogenar's weak points during the battle with it. Mogenar has four slots in its body for orbs; three on the front in a triangular pattern and the fourth on the back. The fourth orb's location on the back makes it the hardest to target. Samus must fire at the orbs until they become white, and the Phazon in them is exposed. Next, she must overload the Phazon orbs with her Hyper Beam. This will cause them to explode and leave flames in their former slots. The slots are capable of changing position, so Samus will have to adjust her targeting accordingly. Mogenar can regenerate its orbs using its Hand of Ur attack, where it will summon holographic hands to collect orbs from the sides of the Bryyo Leviathan Core. They will slowly return to Mogenar, giving Samus enough time to destroy the hands before they can undo the damage she has done. Mogenar will no longer perform this attack once Samus has destroyed two of the orbs, instead protecting its third slot with more armor. Once all orbs are destroyed, Mogenar will explode and increase Samus's Phazon corruption by 25%.

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