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ENGAGE RIDLEY MOTHER FUCKER is an infamous password within Metroid. Because it references an invalid starting location and generates a ridiculous game time value of 2,861,643,271, equivalent to 314.5 years, this password has different (albeit undesirable) effects depending on whether a console or emulator is used. Entering the password will either cause the game to be directed back to the title screen like the 333333 KKKKKK password. Entering it can also cause the game to crash at a black screen; this is most common on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console version. Amusingly, the game state this code generates does result in Ridley having been defeated.



Nintendo Entertainment System[]

5-pin Cartridge[]

Entering the code on the original 5-pin cartridge will crash the console, forcing the player to restart the NES entirely.

3-pin Cartridge[]

Entering the code on the 3-pin cartridge version of the game will cause a screen-wide graphical glitch that prevents the screen from scrolling to the left or right, trapping a suitless Samus on the first screen of Brinstar. [1]

Game Boy Advance[]

Entering the code on the Game Boy Advance release crashes and resets the game to the Title Screen.


Entering the code on the GameCube version (unlockable in Metroid Prime) resets the game to the Title Screen, similar to the Game Boy Advance release.

Virtual Console[]

Wii and Wii U[]

The effect of entering this code into the Virtual Console for Wii and Wii U is similar to the GameCube and GBA versions, where the game is Reset back to the Title Screen.

Nintendo 3DS[]

Pre-2016 firmware[]

Entering the code into the 3DS version Hard-Bricks the system, forcing the user to hold down the Power Button to enter Emergency Reset, or in some cases, replace their entire system.[2]

NES Classic Edition[]

Entering the code into the NES Classic version causes this error, subsequently crashing the game:
C7: An error has occurred. If the problem persists, please make a note of the error code and visit[3]
This error can occasionally Soft-Brick the system, requiring the Power button to be held down.
If the error persists, the system is considered 'defective' and has to be replaced.

Nintendo Switch Online[]

Entering the code into the Nintendo Switch Online version causes this error, subsequently crashing the game:
An error has occurred within the game.

Playable version[]


There is a playable version of the Engage Ridley password (see above). It starts Samus in Tourian suitless, with the Varia Suit, 82 Missiles, 3 Energy Tanks, the Ice Beam and no Morph Ball. Because the Morph Ball is needed to backtrack, there is no choice but to fight Mother Brain, unless a second controller glitch is used to warp Samus back to Brinstar.


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