Entry Canyon is a room on Phaaze. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The room features a ledge above a drop with two Jelsacs down on the lower level; it is recommended that Samus destroy them from above before she continues. As she moves on, three Phazon Hoppers and Hopping Metroids will drop down to challenge Samus. Once she has defeated them she can remove a gigantic biomass blocking her way, and fall down a long shaft to the door to the next room.

Connecting roomsEdit

Phazon mass phaaze

Samus unloads Phazon energy into a mass blocking the room's exit shaft.



"Structure appears to be some sort of cocoon. Its outer membrane seems to be quite durable."
Metroid Eggs
"Target identified: Metroid Egg. Completely saturated with Phazon. Faint life signs detected within."
Glow Stem
"Species identified: Glow Stem. Bioluminescent plant life that contains high radiation readings."
Burrow opening
"Burrow opening allows creatures to quickly exit their nest and attack. A strong blast could collapse it."
Hyper Grapple Blocker
"Organic mass appears resistant to Beam and Missile attacks but probably could be overloaded with energy."
"The pulsing spores of this fungus emit the scent of decay. No profile matches in data bank."


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