Escape Pod Bay is a small room on SkyTown, Elysia in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Samus, having narrowly escaped the Spire Pod's destruction, disembarks from her Escape Pod here in a landing cradle, where it remains for the game's duration. This constitutes the room as a "Landing Site", albeit a non-traditional one (i.e. she cannot land her Gunship here). As she leaves, Aurora Unit 217 will send her a transmission requesting that she infiltrate the Elysia Seed. She can revisit this room afterwards - and before she even travels to the Spire - but there is little reason for her to do so.

Whether any other landing cradles exist on SkyTown or other Chozo planets is unknown, but likely.

Connecting rooms[]


The pod in its landing cradle.


Gold Credit
Obtained from destroying the Seed Shield.


Landing cradle
"Structure appears to be a landing cradle designed for small evacuation pods."
Energy generator
"Energy generator feeds power into the landing cradle for the recharging of evacuation pods."