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The Event Jingle[1] is a short tune used in the Prime series, as well as Metroid: Samus Returns.

This jingle plays when removing a Missile Door Lock (Metroid Prime) or upon successful completion of a puzzle, such as defeating the Plated Beetle, laying a Bomb at Flaahgra's base, the Magmoor Workstation Energy Tank puzzle, or when successfully opening Bryyo Lore Locks.

In Metroid Prime Pinball, a similar jingle is heard when an item is acquired.

A variation plays in Metroid Prime Hunters when a Blast Shield is opened or a puzzle is completed. A shorter flourish is also heard every time Samus removes a Force Field. The Hunters trivia quiz uses the jingle when a correct guess is made.

In Samus Returns, it plays in a cutscene after Samus kills the first Alpha Metroid. When she collects its DNA, a short scene plays of the Surface's Chozo Seal coming online; the Event Jingle plays during it.

The Event Jingle can be heard here.

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