Experiment 7526

Experiment 7526 was an unsuccessful attempt at converting a Space Pirate into an Elite Pirate. Its remains can be seen inside a tall, indestructible Xenome Containment Unit in the Research Lab Aether room of the Phendrana Drifts, in Metroid Prime.

Interestingly, it resembles a Zebesian moreso than any other Pirate on Tallon IV.


"This tank holds the remains of experiment 7526. Conversion of Elite Pirate unsuccessful."


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Early concept art

E3 2001 concept art of Prime depicted a creature that shared superficial similarities with several other creatures, such as the coloration and head of the Parasite Queen, tentacles of the Metroid Prime, a claw like that of a Zebesian and a translucent membrane with an inner nucleus reminiscent of most standard Metroid types. This creature highly resembles experiment 7526. An anonymous developer from Retro Studios later revealed that this creature was a scrapped enemy, a mutated Space Pirate that was a failure in the Pirate Phazon experiments. It was then repurposed as background fodder.[1]


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