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The Experiment Floor is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The Experiment Floor is a snowy location set on a cliff, outside of a research facility. The ground is uneven and several sections of it are raised. Near the entrance is a trio of snow-covered cliff platforms, which make a "staircase" of sorts. In the center of the area is a series of rock formations, curiously formed in the shape of arches, which extend over the room. Additionally, there are curved spikes of rock, and snow can be found falling from the walls and higher cliffs.

Samus battles the Groganch.

Further along in the Experiment Floor is a ledge covered with snow. This leads up a slope, and the exterior of an indoor facility that includes the Materials Storehouse, "Storehouse elevator" and Materials Transfer Lift, among other rooms. The facility can be entered from the top of the slope, or by climbing a pair of platforms beside the slope.


When Samus enters the room for the first time, she battles a Groganch. She can use the "staircase" as a safe area from which to attack the Groganch, meaning she only has to avoid the globs of noxious gasses it launches at her. When the Groganch is killed, the snow on the ledge near the back of the room breaks off into clumps, forming a staircase for Samus to reach the facility's exterior. Here, Samus finds the body of Maurice Favreau, her comrade in the 07th Platoon, seemingly frozen to death.


—Samus, size-300%

Samus discovers Maurice's body.

As she is standing over his body, the camera pans to a window inside the facility, where a young woman is seen watching Samus. Sensing she is being watched, Samus turns around and enters Search View. Once she examines the woman through the window, the girl realizes she has been seen and runs off. Samus enters the facility in pursuit. The girl reveals to Samus that Maurice was killed by another soldier, and she witnessed his death.

On return visits in the post-credits sequence, the bodies of the Groganch and Maurice are missing. They were likely removed by the Galactic Federation Army for disposal and a military burial, respectively.

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Accel Charge
At the edge of a cliff near the door into the facility is a rock on the ground that can be destroyed with a Missile. The Accel Charge is underneath this rock.