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Experiment Floor 3[1] is a room in Sector 1 / Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


Samus navigates the tunnel.

The room is quite large and predominately environmental, although it features a Sliding platform, metal track off to the left and network of Morph Ball tunnels. There are several trees in this room of varying species, though it is unknown if these are illusions as with some other elements of the Biosphere and Pyrosphere. The trees create a divide in the middle of the room, forcing Samus to go around if she wishes to explore the other end.

At the start of the room is a pair of ledges that Samus must jump over to continue on. A Groganch will reveal itself and ambush Samus, forcing her hand. After it is killed, Samus will find that the exit, which leads into a Navigation Booth is locked.

Close to where the Groganch was hiding is a ramp with a higher section of land to its left. On this land is a Sliding platform that Samus can grab onto. It will begin to carry her to the back of the room, though she must defend herself from Reos that proceed to attack her. The platform will stop beside a ledge with an entrance to a Morph Ball tunnel. Samus must navigate this tunnel, avoiding Geemers in her way, to reach a ledge high above the exit door. On the way to the ledge is an Energy Tank. The ledge features a terminal Samus can activate to open the door out and continue on to the Exam Center.

Later, when Samus returns to the BOTTLE SHIP to rescue an irreplaceable item, she can return to the Experiment Floor. With the Speed Booster equipped, she can run to the end of the left side of the room, and continue running, building up speed. She will smash through the wall of the raised section of land. Continuing running, Samus will come to a Missile Tank atop a ledge in another room.

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Energy Tank
Samus will find this while navigating through the Morph Ball tunnels. When she comes across a part of the tunnel that splits up and down, she must go down. The Tank is in here.