Exterior Docking Hangar (外観ドッキングハンガー, Gaikan Dokkingu Hangā) is an area in the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime. It is the first room explored in the game, the first in the Prime series, and the first Metroid room in 3-D. The Exterior Docking Hangar is where Samus lands her Gunship. To proceed into the frigate, Samus must deactivate two force fields by shooting a number of switches. The second set must first be activated by scanning an Interface Module. The hall that the door leads to is considered part of the hangar in the game's map.

At the end of the escape sequence caused by the destruction of the Parasite Queen, Meta Ridley is seen at the hangar; Samus attempts to follow him in her gunship but loses track of him and lands on the nearby planet, Tallon IV.

The room is not encountered while exploring the Orpheon wreckage after it crashed into the Tallon Overworld, and was possibly destroyed.

Connecting RoomsEdit

Samus arrives at Frigate Orpheon 2

Samus arrives at the Orpheon.



Samus' Gunship
"Energy Force Field in place. You cannot reach your gunship."
Orpheon exterior docking hangar dolphin HD force field offline

Force Field

Force Field
"This Force Field blocks the entrance. Something nearby must be able to deactivate it."
"This switch is directly connected to the Force Field barrier."
Force Field (2)
This Force Field blocks the entrance. You cannot deactivate the Force Field unless the switches are red."
Scan terminal varia suit samus orpheon exterior docking hangar dolphin HD

Interface Module

Switch (2)
"This switch does not seem to be operational. The control panel on the pillar in this room can turn it on."
Interface Module
"Force Field activation switches are now online."
Outer door
"Entrance to Main Docking Bay"


  • The Exterior Docking Hangar is similar to the Hangar Bay in that they both have connecting hallways from the Landing Site that are considered part of the bay in the Map. Both have force fields blocking access to these hallways, and have "hangar" in their names.
  • Rocks and debris that fly over the Hangar can be shot and destroyed, with a loud crumbling sound resulting.
  • Samus's Gunship moves forward very slowly in this room. If one lets the game idle over a day or two, it will have entered the area where Samus walks around. However, it does not have any form of collision detection and is simply the model. [1]