Heat level critical. Life support failing.

Heads-Up Display, Metroid Prime

Samus' Visor notes the high heat level in the Magmoor Caverns, Prime.

Extreme heat,[1][2][3] also known as intense heat[4][5] or high temperatures,[6][7] is a common obstacle throughout many games in the Metroid series. The temperature rises to extreme levels, and thus, will damage certain non-heat tolerant creatures, including humans.

In the case of Samus Aran, her basic Power Suit's life support systems will begin to fail if she is exposed to extreme heat, and either has to run through the heated area quickly or wait until she can arm herself with the Varia Suit, which negates heat damage.

Role and appearances[]

Intense heat readings detected behind this door.

Heads-Up Display, Metroid Prime

Often, when Samus Aran enters a lava-themed area, she will be consistently damaged when exploring most rooms in it. The damage incurred varies per game; 15 energy units per second in Super Metroid, 6 per second in Metroid Fusion, 10 per second in Metroid Prime and Metroid: Zero Mission, and 2 per second in Metroid: Other M. In the latter case, Samus is forced to go through superheated rooms in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere until she gets to the top of the Crater Interior, where Adam Malkovich will finally authorize activation of the Varia Feature. Difficulty mode only affects the damage in Prime, where it becomes 5 energy per second on Normal (in the Wii versions) and 15 on Hard (Hypermode in the Wii versions). In Metroid Dread, heat areas will not drain energy, but instead takes an increasing portion of energy every second.

In Metroid: Zero Mission, superheated rooms will be marked on the map in orange. When stepping into one of these such rooms, there will be an orange hue shadowing most of the screen. Barely any superheated areas are featured in Zero Mission's Norfair, but this changes in Super Metroid, as almost every room is hot. A mirage effect is usually used for superheated rooms in Super Metroid and Other M. In Metroid Prime, if Samus encounters heat in the Magmoor Caverns before acquiring the Varia Suit, her Visor will glow an orange tint, water will condense on her Visor, and the Heads-Up Display will warn her about the extreme heat. A similar visor effect will happen if Samus stands in the vents found in Magmoor, even with the Varia Suit, however this causes no damage.

In Metroid: Samus Returns, superheated rooms are indicated by a red glow from the doors into them when they are open, as a warning not to enter unless the Varia Suit has been acquired. These rooms are found in Area 1 through Area 5 and usually contain item expansions or serve as shortcuts to previous areas. All superheated rooms are marked as red on the map. A remix of the Magmoor Caverns theme plays in each of the superheated rooms in Samus Returns.

The Varia Suit/Feature is only good for stopping damage from hot atmospheres, and is not capable of protecting Samus from actual lava, or heat-based attacks. She will have to obtain the Gravity Suit in order to completely stop or reduce lava damage.

Metroid, Metroid Prime Pinball, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, while all featuring lava areas, do not feature extreme heat as an obstacle. The lack of these areas in Metroid would impact Zero Mission, as there are few of them in that game, allowing the Varia Suit to be skipped.

In Metroid Dread, superheated rooms make their return. Like Samus Returns, their doors feature a fiery glow to indicate that the following room features extreme heat, and they are also marked red on the map. However, these rooms have been altered to be more dangerous than their previous iterations; after several damage ticks, each damage tick will be more harmful to Samus than the last, eventually leading to ticks that do a whole Energy Tank of damage. Samus is unlikely to progress through these rooms safely unless she acquires the Varia Suit. These rooms are prevalent in Cataris, where Samus can also deactivate the extreme heat entirely by activating neighboring switches. One room in Artaria has one of these machines; when used, the room begins to overheat and Samus must quickly ascend it to escape.

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