Observatory in Glacier One.

FS-176[1] is the star which Zebes, Twin Tabula, Oormine II, Bilium, and Tallon IV all orbit. It was first named in Chapter 2 of the Metroid Manga. It is in the Spiral Sector of the cosmos; a scan of the area and detection of a "massive energy spike" is what led the Space Pirates to Tallon IV, where they discovered Phazon.

A holographic Space Pirate image of this star can be seen projected in Metroid Prime in the area of Tallon IV known as the Phendrana Drifts at the Glacier One Observatory. It is unscannable.

In the North Atrium of Chozo Ruins, there are Chozo ornaments paying tribute to FS-176. Their scan reads: "Chozo sculpture crafted in honor of Tallon's star."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the piece of Chozo Lore entitled Statuary in the original North American version of Metroid Prime, it is stated that the Chozo have left their mystical and mysterious statues "on planets across the solar system". However, the only planet in the FS-176 solar system besides Tallon IV that they are known to have inhabited is Zebes. According to Glacier One Observatory's FS-176 system hologram, planets Twin Tabula and Bilium are considered uninhabitable due to deadly virus outbreaks and Oormine II is also considered uninhabitable due to fierce nuclear dust storms. Unless the Chozo possessed the technology and/or natural defenses to tolerate living under these hostile conditions, or the bird-like race had at one point inhabited one or more of these planets prior to the appearance of the viruses and storms, the statement declared in Statuary is likely to be false. Since there is a modified set of Chozo Lore in the PAL and Wii versions of the game, the Lore is now considered non-canon.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Melee's Adventure Mode, the character in use visits Pop Star from the Kirby series almost immediately after escaping Brinstar, even showing a transition cutscene showing Zebes exploding and it cutting toward Pop Star. Thus, Pop Star is (non-canonically) a planet in the FS-176 system.

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