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A Fake Block[1][2], also known as a cracked block[2][3] or weak block[3], is a type of breakable block in the Metroid Series. They appear to be normal blocks, although they may be visually marked with cracks. They can be destroyed using almost any weapon.

Official data[]

Metroid Fusion manual[]

"Fake Blocks cover secret passageways throughout the space station. Some of these are easily cracked and discovered, but some look completely normal. Fake Blocks can be destroyed with bombs or beam attacks. To find them all, try bombing and shooting walls and floors as much as possible."

Metroid Zero Mission manual[]

"Cracked blocks can be destroyed with bombs or beam attacks, but there are also some blocks with no apparant flaws that cover hidden areas or passageways. Use bombs on the floors and walls to look for these fake blocks."