Fargul Wasp

Fargul Wasps are spawned by a Fargul Hatcher, and defend the latter at any and all costs. Because of this, they have a very short lifespan. They are native to Bryyo. They have very large heads, which most likely helps with the spawning. The Fargul Wasp is spawned out of the mouth in a swarm of around 20-30. After a few seconds of fluttering around aimlessly, they will actively seek out any potential threats nearby, and fly toward the threat in a slow but steady suicide course, exploding on impact and dealing minor damage to the threatening bioform. This can be a nuisance to Samus Aran during her exploration of Bryyo.

They behave similarly to Chyklings who fiercely defend their parent as well.

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Fargul Wasp

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Morphology: Fargul Wasp
Protective of parent bioform. Capable of self-detonation.

Logbook entry

Fargul Wasps are highly protective of their parent Hatcher. Even moments after birth, they will swarm together and attack any nearby organism. They are often used as a defense mechanism by the Fargul Hatcher, and as a result, few live to adulthood.


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