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Not to be confused with the Federation research station on Excelcion.

Sylux stealing the Metroid from the research station.

The Federated Force research station[1] is a research facility belonging to the Galactic Federation. It is only seen in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, if the Federation Force completes the bonus objective of M17: Infestation by securing a Metroid Egg. This location is where that egg was later brought for research.

In the game's Bonus Ending (attained by completing the mentioned bonus objective), an unknown invidual revealed to be Sylux[1] sneaks in to the station and forcibly causes the Metroid Egg to hatch, revealing an Infant Metroid. It is unknown where this facility is located, or what the Bounty Hunter is to do with this Metroid.

The name "Federated Force" is a misnomer from Logan Foster, the artist who worked on the cutscene.