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The Federation Army Special Ops Battleship VIXIV IV (連邦軍特務戦闘艦 VIXIV IV?)[1] is a military flagship of the Galactic Federation, commanded by Adam Malkovich in Chapter 12 and 16 of Metroid: Volume 2.


The VIXIV IV lead a large fleet to Zebes to rescue Samus Aran, Kreatz, Mauk, and Platinum Chest. In this is mission it is implied later that the ship also destroys the Space Pirate Flagship, causing Ridley to seek revenge on Adam.

Many years later, the VIXIV is seen fighting against the Space Pirate Mother Ship and its Space Pirate vessels, in which it tries to stall Ridley from taking the Mother Ship to Zebes, where Samus was undertaking her Zero Mission. While Ridley is able to get to Zebes, the fate of the VIXIV IV is not stated. However it may be implied that the crew and possibly the ship survived as Adam is still alive years later at the time of Metroid: Other M.


  • Federation Army Special Ops Battleship VIXIV IV is named after another vessel in the Yoshio Sakamoto-produced Japanese Game Boy game, X, (predecessor to the Star Fox series) called "Space Tank VIXIV" which departs from an overpopulated Earth in the year XXXX to investigate Tetamus II. An enhanced version of the vessel also appears in the Q-Games DSiWare sequel, X-Scape, (3D Space Tank in PAL regions) accompanied by a droid called "VIX-529."
  • Q-Games' previous DSiWare game, Starship Defense (a.k.a. Starship Patrol and Star Ship Defender) featured a support robot named VIX-2000.