Federation Cruisers Icarus and Baldur sustaining heavy enemy fire.

The Federation Cruisers Icarus and Baldur are two cruiser ships briefly mentioned in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. During the Space Pirate invasion of Norion, Aurora Unit 242 will announce over the intercom that these two ships are sustaining heavy enemy fire. 242 will say after a few minutes that contact with the ships have been lost, and "lifeboat rescue ships" are being deployed to recover them.


Contact with the cruisers Icarus and Baldur has been lost. Dispatching lifeboat recovery ships.

In Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of the master craftsman Daedalus. Icarus attempted to use a crude set of wings built from feathers and wax to escape from the city of Crete. Daedalus had urged Icarus not to fly too close to the sea or sun, but Icarus ignored these orders and flew too high. The sun melted the wax of his wings and caused him to fall into the sea and drown.

In Norse mythology, Baldur is the god of light. Baldur is the brother of Thor and is best known for the story of his death, in which he is killed by a spear formed from mistletoe, the only object in the realm that could harm Baldur. The death of Baldur is one of the key events that leads to Ragnarök.

Icarus may also be a reference to the Kid Icarus series, which for its first two games ran on the Metroid and Metroid II: Return of Samus engines and featured Komayto, creatures identical to Metroids.