The Federation Solar System, seen from Samus' Gunship.

The Federation Solar System (also called the Norion System) is one of three solar systems visited in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. As its name suggests, the Galactic Federation controls the system.

Astronomy[edit | edit source]

In Corruption a (likely limited) view of the system is seen, showing three planets, which are Norion, Bryyo and Elysia, as well as the G.F.S. Olympus which orbits Norion. It is a very important solar system to the Galactic Federation, especially during the struggle against the Space Pirates. It is defended by Base Sector Zero located on Norion, which is normally the first line of defense.

Bryyo is the second planet visited in the Federation Solar System and the closest to the system's sun. It was once the location of an advanced civilization, the remnants of which is the corrupted Reptilicus race that still lives on Bryyo. Bryyo's importance is based on its waste fuel resources.

Elysia is the third planet in the system and was where the mystical Chozo once lived. This cloud planet is important because of the sky facilities hovering in its atmosphere. The technology is used by the Federation for research and information gathering.

Access to the Gaflar System and the Unknown Solar System appear as stars here.

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