The first facility in the outpost.

The Federation mining outpost, also known as the abandoned Federation mine, was an abandoned Galactic Federation mining base on Excelcion, and the setting of M15: Mother Lode in Metroid Prime: Federation Force.


The outpost's exterior.

Prior to Federation Force, the mining outpost was used to extract unknown minerals for an equally unknown purpose. As the mineral quality started to decline, the Federation chose to decommission the facility and relocate the mine to a new site, rather than dig deeper.


As an underground mining facility, the outpost was partially industrial in nature, and partially exposed to the Excelcion bedrock. The portion of the outpost explored in M15 consists of two large underground rooms and several corridors in between. The doors of the facility feature special pressure pads that require all participants to be standing on the Tram.

The spaceport, or landing zone area is open to the dark sky, with clouds and cliffs visible in the background. At one point, the Cargo Tram stops, positioned on a diamond-shaped platform emanating turquoise light. It is here where the Force is picked up at the end of their mission.

Mother Lode[]

The outpost is destroyed.

During Federation Force, the Space Pirates restore power to the abandoned mine and dig deeper into it, since the Federation did not do so, and begin extracting the minerals below. To transport their cargo, the Space Pirates use the Cargo Tram system already in place. The Federation Force is tasked by General Alex Miles to infiltrate the mining outpost and secure a loaded Cargo Tram for transport.

The Federation Force manages to secure a Tram and defends it against attacking Zurburats, Pirate Troopers and Bruisers, among other enemies as they push it to the base surface. If the tram is destroyed, the mission is failed. After successfully fending off the Pirate defenses, the Force brings the captured Tram aboard their cargo ship, which destroys the outpost as it flies off.


A MOD in the outpost.

In an ascending corridor, after a previous corridor containing Ice Geemers, this MOD is inside a room next to the walkway on the right.
Requires Flame Shot. In a later hallway containing Parasites spawning from hives, destroying the second hive reveals a wall of ice. The Flame Shot must be used to melt the wall; the MOD is behind.
In the second ascending corridor right before the spaceport, the last MOD is through a destructible door on the right.