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The "Federation official" is a mysterious individual who appears only in Metroid Fusion. They can be seen in two cutscenes. The first occurs when Samus leaves Sector 3 for the first time: the official contacts Adam through the sector's Navigation Room, asking if Samus suspects anything and, when told she does not, instructing him to monitor her closely, which Adam affirms. The official's second appearance is in an optional easter egg scene, often called the Secret Message. In this scene, the official suggests that Adam reward Samus for taking advantage of a difficult sequence break by telling her about the Federation's plan, an idea the computer rejects.


All that is known about this individual is that they work for the Galactic Federation. Their features cannot be made out from the given image, but they appear to be humanoid, with short hair. All that is known of the figure's rank is that they are high enough to be informed of the secret projects at the Biologic Space Laboratories research station. The figure appears to be dressed in something closely resembling a business suit, with two lighter bars on the lapels. These bars could indicate that the suit is in fact part of a military uniform similar to The Colonel's, minus the overcoat.

Although the "Federation official" is never named in-game, the event that triggers their conversation in Sector 3 is referred to as Federation (連邦 Renpō?) in the game's debug menu.

The eerie theme "Environmental Sound (Silence 2)" plays during Adam's conversation with the figure. The only other times it is heard in Fusion is when the power is knocked out of the entire station, the Sub-Zero Containment room, and when Adam addresses the events of the Restricted Lab to Samus.