Not to be confused with the Federated Force research station.

A portion of the station.

The Federation research station is an abandoned base of operations for the Galactic Federation on Excelcion. It was built in the planet's polar region for the purpose of studying the local creatures, particularly Ice Titans. However, the Titans proved too powerful and dangerous for the personnel, and they were forced to abandon the facility. The station is the setting of M04: Containment in Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

It is mostly open to the harsh weather climate like the rest of Excelcion. To discover more about the Ice Titans, and develop a strategy to combat them, the Federation Force is deployed to the station to capture 4 Ice Titans for study. The Federation Force makes use of giant cages within the station to trap the Titans. After the required number is trapped, the transport team assigned to move the Titans is attacked by Space Pirates, which capture one of the Titans.

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