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The Field Knuckle (or Field Wall) appears to be a suit of polymer at a first glance, but has the durability of metal. It was owned by Rand Apronika prior to the events of Samus and Joey, and his son Joey discovers it buried in his father's grave with a note of empowerment. The suit features plated knuckles that protect even Joey's exposed fingers, and becomes his new outfit, featuring longer sleeves and shoes resembling modern high tops, but which seem to lack the six wheels Joey's old shoes had.

With the Field Knuckle, Joey can create a field wall that protects him from hazards such as bullets when his armor cannot. Unfortunately, these bullets can ricochet towards civilian targets, as they almost did on Brigandia (although Samus Aran shot the bullets down, saving the bartender and waitress "Cupcake"). The knuckles are capable of creating a protective magnetic field as well, which Joey equips by pressing his knuckles together. This saved him and Diesel from being crushed by debris, and was one of the few materials that could block the scythe of Zegan Doh. Joey continues to use them in Metroid EX, including as an adult Federation Police Force officer in the epilogue, when he uses it to kill a hostage taker and save Pete.

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Volume 3[edit | edit source]

"Can protect his body from every kind of blast!"

Metroid EX: Samus & Joey Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

"Special gloves that emit energy. A multipurpose weapon that can be used for offense or defense."

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