The Fiery Airdock is an open room where Samus and other Bounty Hunters can land their gunships in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is located in the Bryyo Fire area on Bryyo. The Landing Pad there can be first accessed after Samus downloads the map for Bryyo in the wreck of the G.F.S. Theseus. The room contains a Blue Stone Door, a deserted Gragnol Hive, stone carvings on the wall, and a Landing Pad, suspended over a pit filled with Fuel Gel.

On an ice platform at the side of the room, a Phrygisian-class gunship belonging to Rundas can be found. This ship can be scanned for more information. After Rundas is defeated after arriving in the area, this ship shows his status as "deceased."

Connecting rooms[]

Bryyo fire landing.png



Skaan statue
"GF Database accessed. File BY-412. Stonework bears the mark of Skaan, a gladiator in the Primals' armies."
Gragnol Hive
"Structure: Gragnol Hive. Scans indicate no activity within. Hive has been abandoned."
Phrygisian-Class Gunship
"Phrygisian-Class Gunship. GF records identify pilot as Rundas. The engines are still warm."
Phrygisian-Class Gunship (Rundas defeated)
"Phrygisian-Class Gunship. GF records identify pilot as Rundas. Pilot status: deceased."


The large golem above the main Door.

The Fiery Airdock was designed by Matt Manchester. Here are some of his notes for the room:

"The landing site was fun to make. I made a variation entryway statue based off of Ben Sprout's original Bryyo statue. Keeping with the reptilian theme, I made the twisting fangs that curve around the room. I thought the fire landing site should feel like the most dangerous and aggressive, and tried to incorporate that into the aesthetic of the architecture. I also imagined that the inhabitants of Bryyo would hold some sort of holy significance to the glowing fuel gel. I liked the idea of rivers of fuel gel culminating at this one spot, and funneling through the architecture and hidden plumbing."



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