Super Metroid Mother Brain hyperbeam

Samus confronts Mother Brain during the final battle.

The final battle with Mother Brain[1] was the last conflict between Samus Aran and Mother Brain, occurring during the events of Super Metroid. It was the second time Samus faced the Mother in battle, but it was far more difficult for her, physically and emotionally, than the first.


The battle took place in the rebuilt Zebesian Command Center. Samus once again destroyed the Zebetites guarding Mother Brain and began to attack her Control Capsule until the apparatus supporting Mother Brain exploded, and she fell to the ground. Moments later, Mother Brain rose from the ground; her head attached to a mechanical body. Samus continued to attack Mother Brain's head, evading her attacks.

After some time, Mother began charging the deadly Laser Brain Attack, which she repeatedly unleashed on Samus until she could barely stand. She began to charge a final attack, but before she could unleash it on Samus, the baby rushed in and attacked Mother Brain, reducing her to a brittle husk in seconds. It siphoned her energy and Laser Brain Attack and began to channel it into Samus. Mother Brain was somehow able to revive herself, however, and killed the Metroid. Consumed by rage, Samus destroyed Mother Brain using the Hyper Beam, a weapon formed from the energy given to her by the baby. Mother Brain died, her death triggering a final countdown that would destroy the entirety of Zebes. Samus escaped with her life, leaving Mother Brain to be permanently eradicated from the universe in the explosion of Zebes.


Mother Brain killing the Metroid hatchling in the Other M flashback.

The battle is also depicted in the introduction of Metroid: Other M, though with some minor differences. The baby carries Samus in the air, and upon its death, particles are released which grant Samus the Hyper Beam. Mother Brain kills the baby while using a charged eye beam that appears to be the Laser Brain Attack, although this would directly contradict the battle in Super Metroid. Samus also speaks three lines of dialogue: "Why am I still alive?", "The baby...", and (after being granted the Hyper Beam) "Mother, time to go!".

Official dataEdit

Metroid Fusion manualEdit

"In the final battle with Mother Brain, the hatchling saved Samus, giving up its life in the process. Samus succeeded in defeating Mother Brain, but the universe lost the promise of using Metroids for the power of good."

Metroid: Other M Art FolioEdit

Mother Brain and the Baby Metroid
"A dream - I was reliving the tragic moments of my recent past. The Baby Metroid that had emerged from its egg in front of me so long ago was protecting me from the assault of Mother Brain. It would sacrifice its life to save me, and in doing so, give me the power of the Hyper Beam that would spell Mother Brain's doom."


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