! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

The Fire Spawn is a large, silicon-based predator found on the planet Alinos in Metroid Prime Hunters. It lives in lava pools and tosses lava to repel intruders and capture prey. It is invulnerable to heat-based weaponry, but cannot withstand cold temperatures. Samus encounters only one during her visit to Alinos, in the basement level of the Council Chamber. Here she discovers that the Fire Spawn is most vulnerable in the mouth area, and is damaged the most by the Judicator. Samus must defeat it to obtain the Magmaul. It is genetically similar to the cold-acclimated Arctic Spawn.

Logbook entryEdit

Fire Spawn

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

A large creature that thrives on extreme heat, the FIRE SPAWN breathes superheated lava and never ventures far from its home pit. This creature is particularly unfriendly to carbon-based life-forms, and will hurl fireballs at anything approaching its territory.


  • Though the Fire Spawn is naturally weak against ice-based weapons such as the Judicator, the creature can still be defeated by other weapons such as the Power Beam.
  • Due to the Arctic Spawn and Fire Spawn having almost the exact same physical build, it may suggest that their Spawn race is capable of adapting to different environments.
  • The lower parts of the Council Chamber have been structurally damaged, perhaps this damage was caused by a past conflict between the local Fire Spawn and another bioform.
  • Even though the Arctic and Fire Spawns look 3-D, when viewed from above it is revealed that they are 2-D animated sprites.[citation needed]
  • The theme of this and its "cousin," the Arctic Spawn, is a remix of the Parasite Queen theme from the original Metroid Prime.