Samus, the component and the Berserker Lord.

The Gunship lifts the component.

The First Bomb Component is the first acquirable part of the Theronian bomb, though it is the last to actually be seen. It is the only bomb component that can be accessed without the use of Seeker Missiles.

Following Aurora Unit 217's vaccination, the computer calculates a plan to destroy the Elysia Seed. Since Elysia is a gas giant, Samus will not be able to destroy the Leviathan Shield Generators underneath the dense clouds. Instead, she must assemble the Theronian bomb, a thermonuclear explosive device that will destroy the Leviathan Shield itself. However, Samus cannot lift the components herself. 217 first requests that Samus find the SkyTown Federation Landing Site to obtain a special upgrade for her gunship, the Ship Grapple.

Upon acquisition of the upgrade, 217 gives Samus the coordinates of each component. The first is located in the Turbine Chamber. Samus encounters the bottom of the component, acting as a turbine, when she first passes through the bottom floor of the chamber, and finds it being held by two electromagnetic cradle arms. She destroys the cables holding the spike and it splits open, allowing her to move on. Samus later enters the top floor and attempts to begin releasing the component, but a Berserker Lord ambushes her and she is forced to battle it.

After the lord's death, four Spinners circling the component activate. Samus' use of them lifts locks on the floor, and activates a control terminal in the room. Samus interfaces with it, and the floor releases the bomb, allowing her to call her gunship to pick up the component.

In the original version of the game, the Spinners remain active for the duration of the fight, but the Berserker Lord will reset Samus' progress the moment one of the locks is released. This element was removed in later releases, as it would occasionally cause minor glitches to occur.


"Theronian transport module. Capable of transporting highly volatile containment units."