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The "first Metroid passage" is a room in Area 8. It appears, with significant differences between versions, in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns. This room is the first corridor in both games that contains Metroid larva.


Return of Samus[]

In Return of Samus, this room is partly natural with multiple pillars and tiles in the floor, ceiling and walls. These are indicators of a possible Chozo palace in the area. The door to the next room is located on a higher ledge, with another ledge above it. There are eight midair platforms, many of which are elongated with one being a single block and another consisting of 4 blocks. Samus encounters the first Metroid larva in this room and kills it before proceeding deeper into the lair. Should Samus return to this room via the escape tunnel in the Queen's nest, it will remain empty.

Samus Returns[]

In Samus Returns, the room's appearance has been significantly changed. It is now set in a more lush environment than the cave-like dwellings of the original game. In the background, seven clusters of pulsing fungi-like vegetation can be seen, and the midair platforms from Metroid II are reduced to three, one of which is a block. These are shown to be attached to a large, ruined structure in the background. The leftmost midair platform is covered in webbing, and attached to a curved walkway in the background lined with odd green stalks, which can also be seen in the background of the floor below. Further behind Samus is a pool of water with a green tint from the surrounding area, and a hole in the wall through which light shines. A tall statue with what appears to be a Chozo head can be seen between the first two platforms.

Samus passes by the pond in the background.

This time, Samus enters the room through a tunnel in the left wall, rather than the ceiling, and she drops through a Pit Block. A malfunctioning door that she can only shoot from this side is present above the tunnel, and can be used to get back. As soon as Samus exits the tunnel, a cutscene shows her Metroid Radar going haywire as eleven new Metroids are detected. The music changes to a techno remix of the Tourian theme. Samus then encounters the first larva Metroid. If she does not immediately freeze it, another cutscene will show the Metroid latching onto her, before the camera zooms out and gameplay resumes, which is when the Metroid begins to drain her energy. After destroying the larva, Samus can continue through Area 8. Whereas Metroid II had few doors in rooms, there are now doors in this room which lock until the Metroid is killed.

If Samus revisits this room at any point after defeating the Queen Metroid, it will now contain a Gunzoo and three Autracks, and the Tourian remix continues to play. The Autracks are positioned above a platform, underneath another, and under the exit door.

Connecting rooms[]

The room exits into a vertical shaft (via open door in Return of Samus and Beam Door in Samus Returns) which contains the second Metroid larva.


Samus Returns[]

These spawn on subsequent visits.

Official data[]

Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide[]

Page 198
"The Metroid Radar's going off the charts. Wait... The reading says 11 more Metroids! There are more?! This is just a Metroid larva. It's susceptible to your Ice Beam and missiles, so freeze it and blow it up. Whatever you do, don't let it bite you! Metroid larvae are well known for their energy-sapping abilities. If they grab you, immediately drop into the Morph Ball and plant Bombs to shake them loose."


  • In Samus Returns, if Samus stays still underneath the Pit Block, the Metroid Nest theme will still play as the game thinks she is still in the previous room. If she rolls forward into the passage itself, the Tourian theme will begin to play.