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Five-Bomb Drop

Samus uses the Five-Bomb Drop.

The Five-Bomb Drop[1] is a technique in Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M.[2] While charging her Arm Cannon, Samus Aran can enter her Morph Ball form to store her charge. Once in this form, she can hold her charge by tilting the control stick towards the ground, but she must hold the Charge Beam energy like she would if she were in her normal form. If she does not maintain the "Charge Beam" in her Morph Ball form, the Morph Ball charge itself will be canceled.

When the charge is released, either five seconds after morphing or by releasing the control stick, five Bombs are shot upwards into the air in a fan-like fashion. These bombs are affected by gravity, unlike the floating, stationary Bombs she normally lays. The longer the charge is held, the farther the Bombs are shot. The semi-random fashion of these bombs make them useful, however, for clearing Bomb Blocks faster than normal.


MOM Five-Bomb Drop

Metroid: Other M


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