Flag Bridge Access is the room on the G.F.S. Olympus that connects Command Lift A to the Flag Bridge. This room is split into two sections. One is a corridor that leads down to the Flag Bridge. Two Halberd-Class Turrets defend this entrance. Additionally, there is a hallway that leads to the Port Observation Deck. These two areas are divided by weak walls that can easily be breached by even Space Pirate grenades. When Samus first arrives here to get to the Flag Bridge, these sections are completely cut off from each other, but during the Space Pirate attack on the Olympus, the walls are destroyed in a successful attempt to kill Federation Marines. This gives Samus access to the Port Observation Deck, since Command Lift A is shut off by a blast door during the attack. Oddly, if Samus returns to the room after the Pirate attack, the entrance to Command Lift A will still be sealed off even though there are no longer any enemies left in the area.

Connecting RoomsEdit


Olympus 3

Samus and a Halberd Turret fend off an attack from Pirate Militia.

The Fleet Troopers cannot be spoken to as they are behind the barrier wall that is destroyed in the invasion.


Note: These scans are only available during the Pirate invasion.

"Security doors locked shut. Isolating detected hostile units. Locate an alternate route."


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