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The Flame Shot is a type of AUX ammo in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. When fired, the item produces a blast of concentrated lava that damages enemies in a spreadshot style. This makes it similar to the Magmaul, a lobbing fire weapon. It also takes the game's role of the fire weapon, replacing the Plasma Beam in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The AUX Amplifier MOD will increase the damage output of this item by 50%.

"A burst of concentrated lava rounds that spreads apart when fired."


There are three MODs that can increase the potency of Flame Shots. Only one copy of each MOD can be equipped at a time. The first, Fuel Injector, adds two extra fireballs to the attack, and increases its horizontal spread. The second, Combustion, creates instant-kills by causing enemies hit with the Flame Shot to explode once their Energy Meter is depleted. Lastly, Smolder increases the length of time that enemies burn after being hit with a Flame Shot.