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The "flame hallway" is a room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The room is similar to the preceding corridor with its uneven, sandy floor and the presence of flaming heat vents, except the camera positions the hallway so that it is vertical. Several rock slabs are found poking out of the sand, which can be vaulted over much like other barriers in rooms on the BOTTLE SHIP. The room is lined with several vents and pipes, the former of which exhausts flames at regular intervals, similar to the flame jets in the Magmoor Caverns.

Samus defeats a Dessgeega with an Overblast.

A ledge on the other side of the room allows Samus to access this area after she returns from the "desert cave" later in the game; it cannot be reached before that point. The Dessgeegas respawn when Samus revisits this room from the cave, but can be ignored, although the door from the "ventilated corridor" is locked.

As Samus proceeds through the room, she is forced to battle three Dessgeegas, which emerge from mounds of sand one at a time. Since the doors lock when the first Dessgeega appears, Samus cannot leave until they are all defeated. It should be noted that returning to the "Pyrosphere combat arena" after defeating the Dessgeegas in this room, instead of continuing to explore the Pyrosphere, will trigger a game-breaking glitch in the "desert cave" later on.

The room was first witnessed in the Gameplay Movie trailer, which featured Samus fighting one of the Dessgeegas here.

Connecting rooms[]


The Missile Tank.


Missile Tank
One of the vents continuously spews fire. Samus can freeze it with her Ice Beam and roll inside to discover this Missile Tank.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

The guide erroneously claims that there are four Dessgeegas in this room when there are only three.

Page 78
"Enter the next hall and follow it right. This time, the passageway is lined on both sides by fire-spewing vents and it’s guarded by a Dessgeega! Charge your beam and freeze the Dessgeega in place. While it struggles to shake loose, hop on top of it and Overblast it to pieces! Repeat the process with the next three Dessgeegas to clear the room."
Missile Tank!:"After clearing this room, take a minute to examine the flame vents on the left side of the room in Search View. One of them will allow you to lock on to it. Blow it open with a missile, then jump into it in Morph Ball mode to find a Missile Tank!"