The Flamethrower is the Beam Combo for the Plasma Beam. When this beam combo is unleashed, it emits a three-meter range continuous beam of fiery plasma. Being hit with this beam combo causes vulnerable enemies to ignite, taking away massive amounts of their stamina at a continuous rate. Note that being a Sustained Fire Charge Combo, it will take ten missiles to activate and use five missiles per second for as long as it is active.

It can be obtained after destroying a Bendezium gate in the Phazon Mines to access Storage Depot A. Like standard Plasma Beam fire, it is capable of melting ice and setting enemies alight. It is very effective for destroying enemies in large amounts, as sweeping the Flamethrower across their ranks will dispatch them quickly and easily. However, its low range hinders its usability, especially against bosses such as the Omega Pirate and Meta Ridley. As a result, it is not often acquired unless it is for the purpose of attaining 100% items.

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Samus uses the Flamethrower on a Sheegoth.

"The Flamethrower is the Plasma Charge Combo. You can sweep its stream of flame across multiple targets.

Samus's Notes: Flamethrower is a Sustained Fire Charge Combo. It takes 10 Missiles to activate, then 5 Missiles per second afterward. The Flamethrower is most effective against multiple targets in an area."


  • In the Metroid Manga, Work Robots are equipped with flamethrowers, which they use to kill off the Iono Feria.
  • Ellen Ripley, widely regarded as the inspiration for Samus Aran, also used a flamethrower against the titular creatures of the Alien films.
    • The fact that Sheegoths resemble the Xenemorphs from Alien and that they are weak against the Flamethrower further proves this claim.
  • The Flamethrower cannot be used underwater. If it is being used as Samus jumps into water, it will immediately dissipate. However, the Plasma Beam can still be fired underwater.
  • Though it is not obvious, the Metroid Prime can be damaged with the Flamethrower if Samus is close enough.[1]
  • If the Flamethrower is used on a Missile Door Lock, the Lock will not be destroyed, but the door will still open. This behavior is also present when using the Wavebuster.
  • In Metroid: Samus Returns, Flame Wallfires are Chozo turrets with flamethrowers hidden in their mouth that can release jets of fire or fireballs.


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