Flickerbats are flying creatures. Pale blue in color, they frequently use optical camouflaging to render themselves invisible to the naked eye. Their name presumably comes from the way they "flicker" in and out of the visible spectrum. They have fairly small wings, requiring them to flap their wings at a rapid rate to fly. Scientists have only been able to track them reliably by the use of X-ray imaging. They fly non-stop without tiring, hunting for insects and other small prey that float on air currents. Flickerbats generally fly in cyclical hunting patterns, using primitive sonar to navigate.[2]

Samus Aran encounters Flickerbats in the Phendrana Drifts on Tallon IV, though it is hard to spot them without the use of the X-Ray Visor due to their optical camouflaging. They pose no threat to her unless she is in the way of their hunting patterns, in which case they will knock her back slightly, causing a small amount of damage. These creatures behave very similarly to Sandbats, Nightbarbs and Phazon Nightbarbs. They can be shot and killed, and they explode similar to birds elsewhere on Tallon IV.


Logbook entryEdit

Flickerbat scanpic
Flickerbat scanpics


Metroid Prime

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Morphology: Flickerbat
Scavenger with optical camouflaging that renders it invisible to the naked eye.

Logbook entry

Flickerbats are deceptive creatures. The only way to track them reliably is with x-ray imaging. They fly ceaselessly, hunting on insects and other small insects that float on the air currents. Flickerbats tend to fly in cyclical hunting patterns, using primitive sonar to navigate.



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