A Flitt is an amoeba-like organism found only on SR388 that cannot cause damage. They will appear for a short amount of time, then will suddenly evaporate, both visually and physically; this can sometimes be the cause of frustration when attempting to use them as platforms. Being the strange creatures they are, not much is known about them. Several of them, however, do not disappear, but move side-to-side, serving as moving platforms. These organisms might have made an appearance in Metroid Fusion, as infected and/or X-mimicked variants currently known as Yamebas.

Metroid II manual

"Samus will not receive any damage even if she touches them. Look closely for them, as they have a tendency to conceal themselves."


  • The in-game sprites of the Flitts seem to feature two eye-like structures in the upper area of the creature.
  • It is unknown if the Flitt species was infected by the X Parasites, as Samus never encountered any Flitt-X in Fusion.
  • Flitts do not appear in Metroid: Samus Returns, though Meboid swarms have a somewhat similar shape to the original Flitt artwork.
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