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The flooded chamber is a room in Chozodia. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


This room is found near the very top of Chozodia, an area of Zebes where the Space Pirate Mother Ship lands during Zero Mission. The initial room, which is first visited by Zero Suit Samus after she escapes the Space Pirates, consists of a short path leading to an upward shaft with ledges in the walls. At the top of the shaft is a left-facing walkway leading into the top of the ruins.

In the background, repeating Chozo hieroglyphs can be seen. These depict four Chozo greeting each other with spears, and a winged Chozo with a cane and a crown standing before another kneeling, orange-colored Chozo (this may represent a king, prince or priest). Characters in Chozo language are also found on the walls and floor.

Samus enters the top of the ruins.

The floor beside the entrance door consists of Missile Blocks. These can be destroyed to gain access to the rest of the room. Under the floor is a pool of water, in which Samus becomes submerged. A Super Missile Tank can be obtained here (see below), and another shaft with multiple sloped ledges can be used to leave the room. The sloped ledges and long path under the water are useful in order to begin and maintain a Shinespark, which is needed to obtain an item through the next room. Near the top of the wall dividing the two shafts above water is a set of Pit Blocks, which Samus can use to drop back to the left side of the room more quickly. Another set of Pit Blocks underwater is accessible from a nearby room.

This room does not appear in the original Metroid, of which Zero Mission is a remake (and introduced Chozodia), or the Zebes-set Super Metroid. It is possible that Chozodia and the Chozo Ruins in Crateria were destroyed by the explosion of the Mother Ship at the end of Zero Mission, including this room.


Once Samus completes the Ruins Test in the adjoining room, she can roll through an upper passage back into this room, and she emerges from the ceiling through Pit Blocks. A sectioned wall with the same symbol as the Ruins Test lowers upon returning to this room, and permanently blocks off access to the top of the ruins for the rest of the game. Three Zebesians are present in the chamber after the Ruins Test, but are no match for Samus with her new strength. With her new Power Suit, Samus is able to explore the rest of the room and continue through Chozodia.

Connecting rooms[]



Super Missile Tank
Requires Legendary Power Suit. Samus must return to the room's entrance and fire Missiles at the floor, which is made of Missile Blocks. She will drop into the water, and must run to the right until her Speed Booster activates, and continue running until she breaks through a wall of Boost Blocks. The tank is behind this wall.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Gonna Fly Now (page 82)
"Use your new Space Jump to string leaps together and rise. After you squeeze through the passage, you'll drop and face a pair of aliens."
Blast the Bridge
"To the right of the save room, you'll discover a bridge made of blocks that you can destroy with missiles. Break one of the blocks and drop into the flooded chamber."
Super Missile Tank (page 83)
"The Gravity Suit will give you mobility underwater. Run to the right at the bottom of the flooded chamber to charge your Speed Booster. When you reach the right side, you'll blaze through Speed Booster Blocks and collect a Super Missile Tank."
Space-Jump Escape
"You'll find a new way out of the water above the area where you found the Super Missile Tank. Use the Space Jump technique to rise from the water and fly to the upper-right corner of the ruins."