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The Floor Observation Room is a room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The Floor Observation Room is located in an indoor facility. It is likely that the ringleaders observed various experiments in this room. In the center of the back wall is a raised platform with a staircase, and a Terminal with two seats in front of a desk. These are separated from the rest of the wall by a pair of buttresses. On either side of this are a pair of large wall-mounted screens, one of which is displaying static. The other displays unknown schematics. A much larger screen in the center displays the volcano in the Pyrosphere, which is observed by Samus herself two rooms later. There are also screens on the left and right sides of the wall. The leftmost screen displays static as well, while the rightmost one displays other schematics.

When Samus enters, she is forced to fight an Asborean for the first time. Once it is defeated, Samus can leave the room. She is unable to use the terminal at that point. On her return visit to the Pyrosphere, Samus passes through this room the other way around. After fending off another Asborean, she can use the terminal to open the door to the "Sova hallway" elsewhere in the Pyrosphere, allowing Samus to go from the elevator to the Main Sector to a room where she fights a Rhedogian with Anthony. At this point, the larger screen that depicted the volcano now depicts the door.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank 1
The first expansion is hidden under the staircase in a cramped space, which can be entered using the Morph Ball.
Missile Tank 2
The second expansion is found in a tunnel within the wall, which can be entered in the next room.