Flux Control is a room within the ventilation tunnels of Pirate Command on the Space Pirate Homeworld. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room has two levels, which are connected by a lift in the middle and an opening to the east of the room. The lift is offline when Samus first visits here, but can be reactivated after she has acquired the Grapple Voltage by powering a terminal on the higher floor. Connected to both floors is an extra cylindrical part of the room which contains a large energy silo. The main energy device is entwined by Phazon vines, and the walls of the room show clear signs of Phazon infestation. The device also makes siphoning noises frequently.

Samus Grapples the hatch on the lower floor.

Samus can enter the cylindrical part of the room by a small tunnel at an apparent dead-end on the lower floor. She can enter this tunnel in Morph Ball mode. This entrance is situated next to another tunnel which leads left. However, this tunnel is blocked by a small hindged panel. This panel can be moved by the Grapple Lasso to cover the right tunnel instead; it can not be removed and only one tunnel can be used at a time.

Connecting rooms[]

Flux Control's Missile Expansion.



"Energy is being distributed at regular intervals throughout the facility from this generator."
Hinged panel
"Hatch appears to be covering a small passageway. It could probably be pulled open with enough force."
Grapple Voltage Terminal
"Terminal is connected to the nearby lift system. Energize the terminal to restore lift operations."
Grapple Voltage Terminal (energized)
"Terminal has been energized. Nearby lift systems are now online. Approach hologram to use lift."


Missile Expansion
Samus must roll inside the main part of the room with the energy device and climb a Spider Ball Track. The Missile Expansion can be reached on a small ledge connected to the Track.