In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, a Flying Ing Cache is an airborne Darkling used by the Ing to hide the Sky Temple Keys on Dark Aether.


Ing Caches have an innate cloaking ability and can only be seen by using the Dark Visor. After being shot, however, they overload the Dark Visor and appear in the normal visual spectrum. A faint outline of them can be seen on Light Aether when the Dark Visor is used, though they cannot be shot or interacted with. Samus encounters nine of them on Dark Aether, each holding one of the Keys to the Sky Temple. They are hidden in the dark version of the room where the body of the Luminoth Keybearer who captured that key still lays. Some are protected by large numbers of Ing, while others are behind devilish puzzles, or just hidden in inclement places.

The shape of these darklings is very similar to that of an Alimbic Datashade.

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A Flying Ing Cache viewed through the Dark Visor.


Logbook entryEdit

Flying Ing Cache

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Flying Ing Cache. Flying bearer unit of the Ing Horde. Creature ingests objects of value to the Hive. Only its death will release the object within.

Logbook entry

The Flying Cache was bred and trained to be a living storage unit. It employs a limited stealth field that renders it unseen to most enemies. The fact that the creature must be killed to obtain the object it stores is of little consequence to the Ing.

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