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The "fog-filled corridor" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This corridor is reached from the upper floor of Nightmare's Room and connects to the elevator leading to Sector Zero. It is initially a dimly lit, square U-shaped corridor with auxiliary lights in the floor, and a small fog above the ground. The wall around the corners is lined with several long and curved pipes or cables, which are located next to an object that might be a generator. Screens are mounted on the walls around the corner; these are initially turned off.

When the power in the room comes on in the cutscene (see below), one screen turns on with a loading symbol and the words "Galactic Federation operating system". It then flashes and displays the Federation mark for a moment. After the cutscene, the terminal (and another one further down the hall) displays unknown schematics. The generator-like object lights up in red and the fog disappears as well, revealing that the floor is covered in a slight frost from the frigid rooms nearby.


Samus passes through this room on her way to Sector Zero. As she rounds the corner, the BOTTLE SHIP's engine is shown activating in a cutscene. As Samus continues forward, the ship suddenly rocks and the engine makes noise, stopping Samus in her tracks.



Samus wonders what has happened.

After taking a moment, Samus continues onward to Sector Zero. It later transpires that the BOTTLE SHIP had begun moving toward Galactic Federation orbit, which Adam interprets as a pending attack by MB against the Federation. After Sector Zero is destroyed, Samus returns through here on her way to Room MW. She passes through this room one more time after the credits, having taken a detour through the Residential Sector to a hidden elevator beside this room. The door connecting them is locked by a Desbrachian gate until that point. This is the only room where Samus finds a Desbrachian gate locked from the other side.

Connecting rooms[]

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 128
"With Nightmare out of the way, you can now pass through the hatch on the room’s top level. Follow the corridor to the elevator and enter Sector 0."
Page 139
"The elevator to Sector 2 leads to a small room with a dormant Desbrachian. Wake it with a Power Bomb and take it out! Pass through the hatch on the right and make an immediate left into the room where you battled Nightmare."