The Fortress Transport Access is a room in the Temple Grounds. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Samus is unable to access this room until she has obtained the Violet upgrade to her Translator Module from U-Mos. It is a narrow room, with three 90° turns. In one corner of the room, there is a large Light Shaft, which can be used once Samus has the Light Suit. The beam will take her to a chamber above the room, which is empty save for an Energy Tank. Inside the room, there are two Luminoth Turrets and a Luminoth Lore entry, titled "The Sky Temple".

Connecting rooms[]


Samus engages a Turret

2 Luminoth Turrets
"Mechanism: Luminoth Turret
Automated heavy defense system.
Heavy beam weapon system of Luminoth design. Evade its fire with quick movement."


Energy Tank
Accessible when Samus has the Light Suit. A Light Shaft will take her to a small room above where the Energy Tank lies.


The Sky Temple
"We learned that the ruler of the Ing dwelled in a place dubbed the "Sky Temple" by our forces. This place held the planetary energy of Dark Aether as well. It was heavily guarded, and entry was barred by a great gate requiring ten keys to unlock. These keys were hidden throughout Dark Aether by the Ing. A mission was planned, one that would find the hidden keys and recover our missing energy from the Sky Temple."


  • After Samus obtains the Light Suit, she will be able to ride the beam of light in this room to collect an Energy Tank (as stated above). However if she does this before destroying the Luminoth Turret closest to the light, she can use the Morph Ball or Screw Attack to fall back down to ground level and the turret will not react to her presence. [1] If Samus rides the beam back down instead or moves far enough away to make the turret retract, the turret will resume firing upon returning.