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Welcome to the Administrator's Noticeboard. This is where you may post messages or questions for Wikitroid's Administrators, or requesting something that requires an admin's action in order for it to be done, such as blocking a persistent vandal.

Guide to the noticeboard:

  1. Deletion reviews go in the Deletion Reviews forum
  2. Vandalism reports go into the Vandalism Reports forum
  3. Discussion regarding policy, procedure, rules, guidelines, etc. go into the Requests for Comment forum.
  4. Everything else goes into the Main Noticeboard
  5. Information about the noticeboard can be found in the What is Administator's Noticeboard forum
  6. Everything else are notices for the admins regarding administrative topics

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Topic Last Edit Last Author
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Request for Ban10:12, 2 April 2011
Sitenotice size23:34, 2 October 2010
Can I?13:32, 10 July 2009
Deletion Reviews06:02, 13 April 2009
New Forums?07:25, 21 March 2009
New Parser Engine Bugs23:04, 18 March 2009
Reduce the sitenotice?16:10, 16 March 2009
Naming an article subject with no official name10:34, 8 September 2008
What is Administator's Noticeboard07:58, 2 December 2007
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