The Fourth Battle of Torvus was an event that took place on Aether in the Torvus Bog. B-Stz lead the charge in the battle, single-handedly killing the Ing Horde war chief. It is unknown how many other Ing/Luminoth deaths took place. The title indicates three other battles preceded this one, although whether more occurred before Samus Aran's arrival and how many is unknown. The only mention of the battle comes from a statue of B-Stz at the entrance to the Torvus Energy Controller, obtained through structural analysis of the statue with the Scan Visor.

B-Stz[edit | edit source]

"Structural analysis complete. This is a statue of B-Stz, a great hero of Torvus. B-Stz led the charge in the Fourth Battle of Torvus, single-handedly killing the Ing Horde war chief in the battle. He died of old age within the temple he helped defend."

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