Freeze Shot

A Freeze Shot is an item and AUX ammo equippable from the Team Toolkit in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It fires a shot of ice from the Mech's arm cannon, which is capable of temporarily freezing an enemy. The weapon is similar to the Ice Beam, Dark Beam, Ice Missiles and Freeze Gun in this regard. Freeze Shots are best used in Bion-set missions, as enemies in the warmer climates are more susceptible to cold.


The AUX Amplifier MOD will increase the damage output of this item by 50%.

The Permafrost three level MOD increases the length of time an enemy will stay frozen by a Freeze Shot. The third level will cause the enemy to stay frozen indefinitely, allowing the Federation Force to dispatch it easily. The Frostbite MOD causes enemies to take periodic freezing damage as long as they are frozen.

The Ice Blast MOD causes frozen enemy targets to receive freezing damage. Used in conjunction with Frostbite, the Freeze Shot can become a vastly powerful weapon.

In-game descriptionsEdit

Freeze ShotEdit

"A projectile that freezes an enemy for a time. Frozen foes take 2x damage."

"Adds an area of freezing damage around a target hit by a Freeze Shot."


"Increase how long enemies stay frozen by [25/50/100%]."


"Frozen enemies will take extra ice damage periodically while frozen."