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Frigate Orpheon (フリゲートオルフェオン?)[1] is the main theme of the area of the same name in Metroid Prime. It was composed by Kenji Yamamoto. This theme does not begin playing in proper until Samus enters the Emergency Evacuation Area, which contains the first signs that something has gone wrong aboard the frigate. The Intro Space theme plays in the Exterior Docking Hangar and Main Docking Bay rooms before the Emergency Evacuation Area. The general Frigate theme continues playing until Samus uses the Ball Clamp at the bottom of the Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma, to open the door to the Reactor Core Entrance. Frigate Orpheon contains a consistent beat with frequent drums.

After the frigate's crash onto Tallon IV, Crashed Ship begins playing when Samus re-explores the ship. A part of the Sector 2 / Cryosphere theme in Metroid: Other M is similar to the Frigate Orpheon theme.

The theme can be heard here.

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