Fuel Gel flow regulator

The Fuel Gel flow regulator is a device, most likely used by the Reptilicus, to regulate the flow of Fuel Gel throughout the surrounding areas. Samus encounters and must activate one in the Gel Processing Site by using the pumping station on it.

Once activated, two spouts will begin to gush Fuel Gel, but the regulator will not be engaged. Samus can force it into position by igniting the spouts in quick succession. The spouts will resume flowing Fuel Gel if she ignites one but delays igniting the other. Once the regulator is engaged, a maintenance tunnel opens, allowing Samus to continue her ascent of the room.


"Fuel Gel flow regulator is inactive. Pump must be primed to activate regulator."

"Fuel Gel flow regulator is not engaged. Igniting the Fuel Gel may force it into position."

"Flow regulators engaged. System is at nominal. Maintenance tunnel open."

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