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The "Fumbleye room" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room is set indoors, outside of two long corridors that are filled with snow. There is a partial walkway suspended above a pool of water, with a significant chunk of it missing. It is located underwater, in pieces that are connected to a set of pulleys that raise or lower the platforms. The beginning half of the walkway extends under the water, and is lined with a "ladder" of Grab Ledges that can be used to get back up to the surface. All segments of the walkway are lined with blue fluorescent lights.

A Fumbleye is located in the center of the ceiling, hence the room's name. Surrounding the room are what appear to be air vents, although they are not seen blowing or sucking in air. Most have been frozen over, with icicles hanging from them.

Samus underwater.

When Samus enters this room, she finds herself unable to continue to the exit since the walkway is retracted. To extend it, she must enter the water and find a sensor on the back wall. Since her Gravity Feature has not been authorized at this time, movement in the water is slowed, which can pose a danger as there are Skulteras underwater. After activating the sensor, the platforms for the walkway rise and complete the walkway, allowing Samus to leave. To exit the water, she can use the Grab Ledge "ladder". After the walkway is extended, this room becomes a simple passage between other areas of the Cryosphere.

Samus is unable to kill the Fumbleye in this room on her first visit, but there are three Joulions she can choose to destroy if she wishes, or ignore them. If she attempts to attack the Fumbleye, it may attempt to grab Samus and throw her into the water.

Why the walkway was made retractable is unknown, as is the room's original purpose, but it may have been used by the BOTTLE SHIP's researchers to study Skulteras or other aquatic organisms.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
In plain sight, on the right side of the floor, underwater.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 87
"The next room is a home to several icy enemies. At the center is a Fumbleye. It is invulnerable to ice attacks, so don’t bother attacking it at the moment. As soon as your blasts near it, its shield will activate and deflect your Beams!
Instead, focus on destroying the Joulions in the room. A few shots of the Charge Beam do the trick. If they or the Fumbleye knock you into the water, use your Charge Beam to destroy the Skulteras.
With the Skulteras out of the way, use your Charge Beam on the circular plate along the far wall of the pool to raise the rest of the platforms. Climb out of the water using the red platform and quickly finish off the Joulions with your Charge Beam.
Follow the circular walkway to the hatch on the far wall and go through.
Missile Tank!: There is a Missile Tank on the far-right end of the pool. Grab it while you’re underwater."