A type of fungi is seen on Phaaze, primarily in the Landing Site and Hatcher Tunnel. It is distinguishable from other species by its large pulsating spores that emit a decaying smell. It has several tentacles surrounding a hole on its top. The fungi is not dangerous to Samus.

Blastcaps, Saturnine, Parasitic fungus and Phazon Fungus are other fungi species in the series, though of all these only the Blastcaps are harmful to Samus. The latter three are also all infected with Phazon at some point. Additionally, some hallways in Crateria feature large mushrooms with tall stems that grow out of the ground. Their head is hard enough for Samus to stand on, and Geemers are sometimes seen crawling on them.


"The pulsating spores of this fungus emit the scent of decay. No profile matches in data bank."