Subject Samus Aran entering AU lift area. Security clearance 5 granted.


"G-5" is a minor character in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. As Samus is ascending Aurora Access to speak with Aurora Unit 242 on the G.F.S. Olympus, he announces over the intercom that she is coming up. A Federation Marine stationed at the top of the lift says "Clearance confirmed, G-5. Opening chamber vault." This line has an unused subtitle. The marine then interacts with a terminal, opening the door to the Aurora Chamber. G-5 is not heard from again for the remainder of the game. It is likely that "G-5" is this person's codename, in which case their real name is unknown.

While it cannot be conclusively proven, it is likely that the PED Marine stationed in Command Bridge outside the door to Aurora Access is G-5, given that they share the same voice actor[citation needed]. When approached, he will say this before moving to the side:

Samus, you made it. Glad to hear you are feeling better. You've been cleared to enter the AU chamber.

Please proceed through these doors and up the lift. The Aurora Unit is expecting you.


The audio object for when G-5 speaks over the intercom is called PEDT Over Loudspeaker; "PEDT" is used internally for most of the troopers encountered in Corruption.

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