Courage shall find you, even in the depths of the dark.

—Returning the Sky Temple Key

G-Sch was a male Luminoth Keybearer who appeared in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. His death occurred in the Catacombs, while fighting against an Ing leader (possibly a commander of the Ing Horde). A-Kul refers to him as gentle, but no other details about the warrior exist.

Logbook entriesEdit

G-Sch's Testament

Temporary scan

Luminoth Datapac translated.
(G-Sch's Testament)
Data transferred to your Logbook for further review.

Logbook entry

What craven savages are the Ing! Trapped in the catacombs with no chance of rescue, I fought them to the last. I watched them feed upon their dead. I heard them pressing the lesser of their number into the front ranks, that my blasts would take them. At least their leader stood against me in battle. He was a foe worthy of a Luminoth warrior.

G-Sch's Key

Temporary scan

Hear the words of A-Kul, that you may find a key lost to our cause.

Logbook entry

Gentle G-Sch. With a Bearerpod, he sleeps in a flooded temple.


  • G-Sch was the username of one of the administrators on the Luminoth Temple.
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