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Gabrielle Anne Carteris (born January 2, 1961) is an American actress and trade union leader. Carteris is best known for her work as Andrea Zuckerman in the television series Beverly Hills, 90210.

Carteris auditioned for the role of Samus Aran in Metroid Prime; she was one of a dozen actresses to do so, and the only one whose identity is known. Recordings for Samus's grunts of pain and scream upon death were handled by Nintendo and sent to Clark Wen, the audio lead at Retro Studios. Wen recognized Carteris' voice from her work as Andrea Zuckerman, the "nerdy girl" on the show Beverly Hills, 90210. Her Samus recordings went unused, however, in favor of those from actresses with the initials "JH" and "VM" (likely Jennifer Hale and Vanessa Marshall). Carteris has not commented on this revelation.[1]

In addition to acting, Carteris is the president of SAG-AFTRA, the largest acting union in the United States. She was elected president on April 9, 2016 and also serves as vice president of the California Labor Foundation.

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  1. ^ "Like the other voices in the game, the Samus recordings were all handled by Nintendo. What I can tell you though is that one day I received a delivery from EAD of a dozen different voice actors they had recorded. I remember one of the actresses being Gabrielle Carteris, the nerdy girl from Beverly Hills 90210 which I thought was kind of funny." Kerwin, Darren, RoyboyX. "Interview: Clark Wen", Shinesparkers, 2018-01-20. Retrieved on 2018-09-20. 

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