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Our new Super Metroid comic series debuts in this issue! Even though we all knew that Samus would make a great lead character in an action comic series, there were some difficulties. The biggest concern was trying to figure out what Samus actually looks like without her helmet on. We've all seen the "best ending" of the Metroid games, but it's hard to visualize facial features from that. What we finally came up with is something between Princess Leia and Ripley from the Alien series. Enjoy the comics!

—Gail Tilden, Editor-in-Chief

Gail Tilden

Issue 58.

Gail Tilden, also credited as G. Tilden, is a former marketing manager at Nintendo of America, and the founder of Nintendo Power. She served as the editor-in-chief of the magazine for a number of years, and had a role in the writing of Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide. Tilden wrote a piece of commentary for the debut of the Super Metroid comics in Nintendo Power issue #58.

She is named in special thanks from Retro Studios in the credits of Metroid Prime (NTSC version only).

As vice president of brand management, a position she worked in from 1983-2007, Tilden was responsible for growing Nintendo's brands, including Metroid, in entertainment and licensed merchandise. On the collaboration between Nintendo and First 4 Figures to develop a series of Metroid statues, Tilden said:

We are extremely excited to be working with First 4 Figures to develop a line of figures inspired by Metroid" said Gail Tilden, VP of Nintendo Brand Management. "Metroid fans have come to expect the best from our video games and we are confident First 4 Figures will deliver the same quality with their statues.


Tilden left Nintendo in 2007. She has since served on the board of directors of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington and founded Muttles, LLC, a brand of mini plush packs sold like trading cards. Tilden is presently working at Oliver Henry Games, LLC as the co-founder, and as a freelance brand strategy and marketing consultant.

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